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How big desire can change your life?

What is the meaning of desire ?

Desires definition: Desires are strong feelings for something to happen, or we can say that desires are wishes.

Desire meaning: The meaning of desire is wish, desire to learn, desire of success and your desires are different from an another person, because everyone has his own desires.

The greatest power in the world is the power of desire. The burning desires to achieve something, the heart desires to do something. The power of desire controls our mind, your desires control your thoughts. Our brain controls our body and when the mind gets controlled by thoughts our body gets automatically controlled by our desires. Our action will be according to our desires.

So how can big desires change your life?

Desires play an important role in a person’s life. Because the person works only to fulfil his desires and dreams. Therefore we can say that it is the power of desire that makes a person work.

A person is studying because he/she wants to get a good job, We want a job because we want money, we want money because we want to fulfil our dreams or desires. So it’s the desires for whom we are working.

How desire can control your mind?

Our minds and thoughts are controlled by our desires. If you want to earn money, then you will have thoughts about how I can earn money, and if you want to achieve something, then you will also think accordingly.

There are very few people who are satisfied with what they have and others are just working to double their money, because of their wants. When we buy something expensive we get satisfaction, but after some time, we think of buying something which would be more expensive than the previous one. This is a never-ending process because we don’t get long term satisfaction with what we have, we are in the race to show off things.

Why should your desires be big?

If you want to be successful in life, then desires are important, not only desires but big desires with actions. Because when someone has great desires, that person will take big action and with big action, he will get great success. Big desires with action at the right time can change your life.

If a person desires to make $ 1000 per month, his actions will be small and his thoughts will be how he should earn that money. On the other hand, if another person aspires to become a billionaire, his thoughts will be big and he will take a major step to fulfill his wishes. The bigger the action, the greater the success.

Taking action at the right time is very important. Because only big desires are not enough to do something big in life. It is also one of the reasons why many people fail to succeed. Because they do not take action at the right time or they do not take action.

No matter, how many times you fail. But you should never give up, you should find your mistakes, learn from them and try again and again until you succeed. To achieve success consistency is important if you are not consistent you are never going to achieve success. You need a lot of patience because things take time and you won’t succeed overnight it’s a slow process.

It is in your hands, whether your desires will be big or small and it is about thinking, so think big. Because desires are also a type of thought that comes to your mind and you should always remember that a small thought can make a big difference.

Desire to learn

Everyone should have the desire to learn, desire to learn new things. If you have the desire to learn you will have all he necessary knowledge to do something. At the end of the day life is all about learning. You should never stop learning, you should always have learning attitude.

The dark side of desires

Now many people might be thinking, if we have big desires we will achieve success and that is not true because everything has two sides positive and negative. Desires also have two sides one is the positive side and other is negative. We know that everybody is born with passion and if not you should find yours, once you found your passion it’s great. But sometimes our desires are so powerful that we take some wrong steps to fulfil those desires fast and these wrong steps bury your passion, which is not a good thing. Because what you can achieve with your passion you can’t achieve that with anything else. You should never leave your passion if you really want to succeed in your life.


Your whole life depends on desires and that is why you earn. No matter how big your desires are, you should believe in yourself and work hard to fulfil those desires. Your whole body is controlled by a very powerful thing, that is the brain and it is controlled by our desires. You cannot even imagine how big will power is. Every successful person in this world started their journey with a desire, a desire to do something great. So if they can succeed then why don’t you.

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