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How to be happy all the time

Before we start being happy all the time, let us know, what are the reasons we are not happy. In our everyday lives, many things happen, which makes us sad, disappointed. We are tired of our lives and it happens in everyone’s life because there is no happiness.

We find happiness in feelings, if we sometimes feel happy then we want the same feeling again and again, which is not possible, we want to live the same moment again and again. Feelings and pleasure are temporary forms of happiness, they can’t make our stay happy all the time. There are very few people in this world who are actually happy in their life. People who love themselves, people who love their work, can always remain happy. We know the reasons why we are not happy, but then also people ask others why cant i be happy.

These are the reasons, why we can’t stay happy forever

We are not living in the present. Either we are living in the past or living in the future and this is not the way to stay happy. Most of the time we are not enjoying the moments of the present, even small things can bring changes in our lives and we just miss the precious moments of the present. We miss these moments by living in the moments of the past or imaginary moments of the future. Furthermore, we do not even know what is going to happen in the future, because no one in this world can predict the future.

Be happy that you are alive today, be happy that you are with your parents and they are alive. So why think about that time, which we do not know whether will come or not, just live in the present. If you are not happy right now, then who knows if you will be happy in the future or not, because the future will also be your present when you live it.


Showing off and living the fake life

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These days, almost everyone is present on social media, from a school going child to their grandparents. Social media is also a big reason for unhappiness in our lives. Everyone is just living a fake life on social media, there are very few people who are living a real-life and they can be counted on fingers. People post what people buy, what they eat, what they wear, and all these things. When we look at these pictures, we feel why we do not have all these things, which makes us sad. We don’t thank for what we have. These things happen in our daily life if you observe. I am not blaming anyone but it is true that we are living a fake life on social media and we are fooling ourselves.

Let’s take an example, we post a picture of ourselves when we look good, wear nice clothes, do make-up, after some time we remove that makeup, change those clothes at home to normal, take away the jewellery, and what you are at home that is real life, but on social media, We have posted a different side of ourselves, So the reality what you are at home and the one on social media is fake you. I do not know to whom we are showing all this. Wearing nice clothes and looking good is good but why do we show off. We are not happy because we are not real when you start living a real life on social media you will be happy.


Proving ourself

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We are trying to prove ourselves but when we prove ourselves, it does not bring us happiness. It is not a bad thing to prove yourself when you prove yourself to someone who can be successful, get some fame. There is no doubt that you get money, Big houses, expensive cars and lots of things but what you don’t get is happiness. We can get happiness when we spend money to buy expensive things, to buy a million-dollar car, but it is temporary, it cannot be a permanent way to be happy all the time.

We are in a race of proving ourselves. We are in the race to achieve more than others, but in this race, we lose one thing and that is happiness. There is no doubt that we get many things like money, fame, etc., but what we don’t get is happiness. Things like money can bring us happiness but for a short time and after that everything seems to be normal. When we achieve something, then we stay happy for a short time but after some time we try to achieve something new, then for a short time we become happy and then something else because our wants never end, the process of achieving things never ends.


We don’t enjoy small moments of our daily life.

how to be happy at all times?
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We should enjoy every little thing that we do in your routine. When you start enjoying every little thing, your mind comes in the present, you forget all your worries, past memories, future stresses, everything. Because you are living the moment by not achieving anything and not giving anything. You are happy. It brings a smile to your face when you find happiness in small things and when you enjoy them.

By every little thing I mean every little thing, like enjoy when you are even washing hands, enjoy, look at how soap bubbles are forming on your hands, enjoy how you are rubbing your hands, see how water is falling on your hands. If you want to be happy all the time, you have to live in the present and when you start enjoying the little things in your life, you are living in the present.

As most of the time, we are living in the past or future, this is why we are not happy. We do not enjoy our lives. We do not live in the present and the present is true, the past is gone and the future is unpredictable. So why remember what has happened in the past and why to think about the future.


We find happiness in objects

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If we have a budget smartphone, we think I would be happy if I could have that iPhone. I’d be happy if I could get that car. We depend on items for happiness, that if I could buy that, then I will be happy. As previously stated, they can give us happiness for some time, but not for a long time. We should be grateful for what we have, but we never do that. To be happy all the time we should be thankful for what we have. If we try to find happiness in things then we will fail, because things are not made to make us happy.


These were the causes of why we are not happy.

All the reasons can be found in our daily lives if we observe ourselves carefully. There are many ways we can make us happy, such as watching funny videos, watching children play, listening to something funny and many more, but the problem is that we cannot stay happy all the time with these ways. There are things that can keep us happy all the time. Now we have come to know the reasons why we are not happy, now the thing is what is the solution. How can we be happy all the time?

How to be happy all the time

Accept reality and be grateful.

When we accept the reality, our regrets, our greed ends and this is the way to stay happy. When you will be grateful for everything, you will be happy for whatever you have in your life and then the problem of achieving something will end. We are no longer part of the race in which everyone is participating, trying to get more than others. Thank god for what you have, not matter big or small, expensive or cheap, just be grateful. There are many things that we do not have in our lives and we complain to God for them, but have you ever thought how often we say thanks to God for what we gave us.

Thank God for everything without any greed, thank God for your family, the food you eat, the oxygen you take, the house you are living in, the car or bike you have. There are hundreds of things that God has gifted us, just be thankful for everything. To have a happy day we should always thank God because we are alive. The problem is one, but there are many things we can make us happy. When we thank God without want or any greed, it gives us deep satisfaction. That satisfaction will make you happy when we thank God for every little thing.


Love yourself and don’t compare yourself with others

You are a creature of God, you are his beautiful creation. Sometimes we don’t like something about our body or when someone says something about our body, we don’t feel good there. But be happy that you are a beautiful creation of God and when you start loving yourself, others will love you too. We should be happy because our hands, feet and other body parts are working properly. Just enjoy the things you do. Enjoy when you are just sitting and doing nothing and it will make you happy, because you are enjoying what you are doing. Always enjoy what you are doing, as you are walking, enjoy it too, enjoy that you are able to walk, your feet are working, then you will be able to enjoy your every moment. Life will be fun when you start enjoying every little thing.

The second thing is not to compare ourselves to others because not all people are perfect in all areas. If we are comparing ourselves to others then we are insulting ourselves. If you are a football player and you are comparing yourself to a boxing champion, you will be sad, why I am not able to play like him, and then you will complain yourself or God for that. He can’t compete with you in football, but we don’t understand. If he is good at boxing, then you are good at football. It is the starting point of success when you stop comparing yourself with others and accept reality.

You should definitely try this: take a chair and sit alone and enjoy yourself, you will notice that it will make you happy and a big smile on your face. Here you have not achieved anything or given anything, but you are still happy because you are living and enjoying the moment. This is a fun experiment.


Do whatever you feel like

Have you ever noticed that when we are alone, we do strange things, make different weird sounds, dance alone, singing in the bathroom, these things have nothing to do with our future or our carrier, but we do because they make us happy. This does not mean that you will be unhappy if you get a less paying job or you scored less in exams. There are many students who score full, but are unhappy, there are a lot of rich people who have a lot of money, but that does not mean they are happy, because they also don’t know how to stay happy.

There are many rumours, that if you want to be happy, then you must have a good carrier, a good job. These things are important in our lives, but not important to be happy. We feel happier doing silly things than doing something worthwhile or meaningful. So we should do what we feel, what others think is their problem. If you are sad from the inside, and laughing from outside, it does not mean that you are happy. You should be happy from inside when you laugh. Happiness should come from your heart, it should not be artificial.


Many people ask how to feel happy all of the time. So, if we want to stay happy all the time, we should accept the reality, we should live in the present, we should start loving ourselves. Our life should not be controlled by our desires or our wants. External sources should not be the reasons for our happiness. life is not about earning money, it is all about staying happy in any situation. If we can be happy then life will become easier, do not run away from responsibilities and problems, face them happily

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