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Time management is important how and why?

Time management definition

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

Time management quotes

Time is what we want most and use the worst

Time management is life management

Time Management

The most valuable thing on earth is time. Time is important, time is the foundation of tomorrow. Everyone should know how to manage their time which is called time management. Because passed time never comes back and the time waits for no one. If you missed any opportunity it is not going to come back.

The problem that everyone is facing is not getting much out of their time and it is only because they are not managing the time in a better way. Everyone want’s to achieve big things, but we are not planning our day, we are not managing our time better. So it becomes difficult for us to achieve big.

Use time wisely

Everyone knows the time is important but we don’t use it wisely. Because we don’t have a big reason to use the time, we have big goals but they aren’t important enough to make us use our time in a better way. Which is very strange. We know that time is important, but we are behaving like we don’t know. We are just telling ourself a lie. Which we will regret later in the future.

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Everyone has two choices in their life one is wasting time in thinking of the future and making some nonsense plans about the future by doing nothing. The other choice is doing work which can help to build the future and learning the value of time. Most of us choose the first option because we don’t want to get out of our lazy routine.

It totally depends on us how we manage our time, how do we use our time. We have to be ready for opportunities. If we used our time in doing something, which can be beneficial for us in the future, it will result in something amazing. but if we continued to waste our time, it could create pain for us in the future.

Many people waste their time on social media, 2-3 hours/day is like an average time an individual spends on his mobile phone, playing games and other things which are useless. Which do not have any connection with the future anywhere?

Time is money if used well. we know that what we are doing is wastage of time. But we don’t stop ourself, because we don’t want to get out of the comfort zone. We set limitations for ourself. We want money but without doing work or doing what is easy.

Why time management is important ?

Time management is the most valuable skill one could have. If you learned to manage your time you can create a better tomorrow for yourself. The time management is not waking up early doing your work and going to bed on time, this is what many people think of time management. It’s good to wake up early but we should manage our time accordingly to our body. if you like working at night, it’s your choice and there is nothing wrong in that, you can set your time table as you want. Finishing the work on time is important and sticking to your time table is what matters.

We make plans, but we don’t execute them. We make time tables but we don’t apply them in our lives. If you want to succeed you should learn the value of time. Measure the time in terms of money you will be making after a particular amount of time.

You have to work today to create a better tomorrow for yourself. If you passed the time you will regret in the future that what if I could have done this when I was 6, when I was 20. You will always regret the time you wasted. Everyone in this world has the same 24 hours and it depends on us how we manage it and use it. You can use them wisely or waste them watching Netflix or tv.

Management of time in student life

Time management for students, In student life managing time is the most important thing. We are taught at school that time is important, but we are not taught how to manage time. It is an important phase of our life because we get to learn many things in school. If we learn to manage time in our childhood, it becomes easier in the future to manage things better. Students should make their time table and should follow it strictly. You should give proper time to your studies, give yourself time to play and make your time table according to you. You should not follow someone’s time table, Because it is made according to them.

Is time management important?

The skill of time management won’t make you successful. But it can take you a step closer to be successful. Use your time in creating something, use your time in learning something new. Reading this won’t develop the skill of time management in you. But implementing this in your life can make a difference. If you respect, time will respect you. If you waste it, it may destroy you.

Time management skills

It is difficult to change our routine because it is difficult for our body to adapt to those changes. If you make a strict time table and try to stick to it, you will probably fail, as it will be difficult for your body to come out of your comfort zone and adapt the changes. So we should change our routine by taking little decisions, for example-:

  1. The first week get up early in the morning
  2. Add morning exercise in week two
  3. If you are a student, add time to study in week three.

You don’t have to follow these steps (written above) but try to change your routine like this making small adjustments or changes in your time table. Remember to make the time table as per your choice. No matter at what age level you are, you can implement this and can develop the skill, age is not important you can learn anything at any age. Learning has no age.

Is time management a skill?

Yes, it is a skill. It is one of the most valuable skill, everyone should learn to manage their time. It is a skill to manage anything, and what could be more better then managing your own time.

Tips to time management

Here are time management tips that will help you manage your time more efficiently and make the most out of your limited time, tips on how to manage time

  • Try to wake up early
  • Plan your day
  • Take small breaks after working for an hour
  • Practice multi-tasking
  • Do big tasks in the morning
  • Try to exercise (it will help to bring the freshness in the mind)

There are many time management book in the market, here is our books recommendation. You can buy these books by clicking on the link, You will be redirected to and there you can buy them. These books can help you with how to manage time. Also, check out out our other books recommendation in the books section.

Time management advantages or time management importance

  • We can get the most from the same 24 hours.
  • It will help to build discipline.
  • It will help in achieving goals faster.
  • We will become more productive.
  • Make us feel energetic throughout the day.
  • It helps in bringing efficiency in our work.

I hope this article can help you in managing your time better. Feel free to share this with with your lazy mates.

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